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  • ignou free projects free-project-Online E Blogging Platform Developed-asp.net -
    Blogger-web-application-asp.net-project This is a website that allows users to read and post their blogs. Only registered users can post blogs. Blogs can be deleted and modified by users. Unregistered users are allowed to search, read and comment on the blogs. Regular features related to users like login, change the password, change profile etc. are provided. […]
  • Install Python in Windows -
    Install Virtual Environment C:\> pip intall virtualenv Create Virtual Environment virtualenv test Activate Virtual Environment test\Scripts\activate Result ….. (test) C:\> Install Django in Virtual Environment (test) C:\> pip install django
  • Advice to an aspiring Data Scientist -
    If you have something in your mind “I want to be a data scientist when I grow up.” My advice to you. Be curious, Extremely argumentative, And Judgmental. Curiosity is absolutely must. I am professional astrologer also. I know if you have good Mercury, it means you have curiosity and want to learn. Argumentative and Judgmental […]
  • What is Data Science? -
    Data Science is a process where you extract live information from dead data. It’s a branch of science where you learn from history in interesting way. You can work for betterment in multi dimensions. It’s a way of story telling with the help of data. Data science came in picture today because we have tons […]
  • Html Marquee Reference -
    Html Styling Lists Order List Unorder List Nested List Definition Lists Html symbol Html Marquee Behavior Bgcolor Direction Height Hspace Loop Scrollamount Scrolldelay Vspace Width Start() Stop()

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