HTML marquee

Description: The <MARQUEE> tag defines a moving section of text. This tag is supported by Internet Explorer only (In Netscape Browser the text will not move.)

<marquee> Hello this is marquee</marquee> Hello this is marquee
This is marquee tag you can move the text and picture by use it. Above example show you moving the text "hello this is marquee". In this example the text is move in left side and its behavior is scroll. If you want to move the picture you can just put the tag like

<marquee> <img src="arrow.jpg" /></marquee>

Marquee with different style:

<marquee direction=up behavior=alternate><marquee behavior=alternate>Moving text in defferent way</marquee></marquee>

Moving text in defferent way
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Marquee Tag Attribute
÷ Behavior
÷ Bgcolor
÷ Direction
÷ Height
÷ Hspace
÷ Loop
÷ Scrollamount
÷ Scrolldelay
÷ Vspace
÷ Width
÷ Start()
÷ Stop()