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Develop SRS for Study Center Management System for
an Open University.SRS should be as per IEEE standard
SRS template. Make necessary assumptions.


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  1. Introduction: The SRS is being prepared for study center management system (SCMS) the purpose system is used to maintenance of study center via online Applications.
    • Purpose: The SRS documentation defines the structure and behavior of the system SCMS. It defines functions of system clearly and easily to understandable. So that, customer attract towards it.
    • Scope: It can be used by university for managing study center. It will help them in managing all the work of a study center online. It’s very easy and user friendly.
    • Definition, Acronyms and Abbreviation
      USER: A person who can register and use study center application.
      • ADMIN: A person who manage all functionality of software.
      • SCMS: study center management system
      • SDLC: Software development life cycle.
  2. General description
    • Product Perspective: The SCMS consists of application server and web server.
    • Product functions: The product software mainly support SCMS
      User registration login
      • Admission
      • change study center
      • Search course details
    • User characteristics: There are two kind of user of SCMS
      User: A person who can register and take classes.
      • Admin: A person who manages all functionality of software.
    • Constraints:
      SCMS can run in internet explorer, Google chrome, Opera.
      • GUI is only in plain English.
      • Login and password is used for identification of authorized persons.
    • Assumption and Dependencies: The main assumption of SCMS software to decrease the user work load so that to increase the performance. The dependence of software is prices system that dependent on GOVT. polices.
  3. Specific Requirements: It describes function and non-function requirement of system
    • External interface requirements: It describes input output software and communication.
      • User inter face
        Login page
        · Registration page
        · Search page
        · Study center
      • Hardware interface: There is no any need of special hardware to operate this software.
        Client Side –
        Processor: Pentium-IV
        RAM: 512MB
        Hard Disk: 80GBServer Side –
        Processor: Pentium-IV
        RAM: 2GB
        Hard Disk: 320GB
      • Software interface
        Database product
    • Functional requirements: Registration process: it requires users’ details including ID, password and email id. Study center allocation process: After registration process, user can login and get information about course availability.
      Search: it is used to search course and many more.
    • Performance requirements
      Search information within a 2 sec.
      • can study online using videos and study material.
    • Design constraints
      Webpage are design using HTML 5.0 and java script
    • Logical database requirements
      It describes the logical database for SCMS application
    • Software system attributes
      • Reliability
      • Availability
      • Security
      • Maintainability
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