Difference between Unix and Windows

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Difference between Unix and Windows 1Amit Kumar Staff asked 2 years ago

Difference between Unix and Windows

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Difference between Unix and Windows 2admin Staff answered 1 year ago

The main differences between Windows and Unix are as follows:

1.Unix is a Command Line User Interface and Windows is Graphic User Interface operating system.

2. Unix is command based and Windows is menu based operating system.

3. Windows is event driven whereas this feature is absent in Unix operating system.

4. File system in Unix is (STD.ERR,STD.IO), and in Windows it is (FAT32,NTFS).

5. In Unix multiprocessing is possible whereas it is not possible in Windows.

6. In terms of security, Unix is more secure than Windows as we can restrict the permission of each user.

7. Windows operating system support plug and play and this feature is not available in Unix.

8. Windows is licensed operating system and Unix is free source operating system.

Multi-threading: It is one of the important feature of operating system which allows its use by more than one user or accepting multiple requests at a time.

Yes, Windows support multi-threading.

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