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Guidelines for MCS-044 (Mini Project)

The mini project is designed to help students develop practical ability and knowledge about practical tools/techniques in order to solve real life problems related to the industry, academic institutions and computer science research. The Mini Project involves practical work for understanding and solving problems in the field of computing. Every year, the list of problem definitions will change and will be sent as a separate booklet along with the course material/ Assignments.

Project Proposal

Project proposal should be presented to, reviewed by and agreed upon in consultation with the project counsellor to provide constructive feedback on the proposal and planned programme of the project work. No need of any formal approval to be taken on any proforma for MCS-044 project.

Mini Project (MCS-044) Report

The project report of MCS-044 will contribute to the assessment and your marks. The format of this report will follow the format, guidelines and suggestions given in the block, but details should also be discussed with your counsellor. The final reports of students doing the project in a group should not be identical. Each student should emphasise on his/her role and responsibilities in the project work.

Evaluation Scheme of MCS-044

MCS-044 course has three main evaluation components consisting of assignment (25 marks), project report (50 marks) and viva-voce (25marks). A student is required to score 40% marks in each of these components separately for successful completion of the course. The project will be assessed by a written report and a combined presentation and viva-voce. To help the students we have given some guidelines about evaluation and assessment in the next section. If the examiner finds that the project is lacking in any key areas then the student will be asked to re-submit the project by selecting a new topic in the next session.

Re-submission of the project by the failed students

If the student fails in project report evaluation or viva-voce or in both, the students needs to redo the entire process by selecting a new problem from the list of problems which will be updated every year.

Assignment/ Continuous Evaluation

25% of total marks are allotted to assignment/continuous evaluation. The assignment questions are given in the MCA 4th semester assignment booklet. If the student failed only in assignment component and successfully passed in project report evaluation and viva-voce, s/he needs to submit the fresh assignment of the current year, as is done in the normal courses.

Final Evaluation

The term-end practical examination of Mini Project will be conducted at the Study Centre concerned. 75% of total marks are evaluated in the final evaluation. Out of these 75 marks, 50 marks are allotted for the project report evaluation and 25 marks are allotted for the viva-voce.

More Details – Please download MCA Prospectus  Master-of-Computer-Applications.pdf (360 downloads)

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